VIP anyone...?

Excuses for splashing out, even if it just the once

Every once in a while you deserve to go all out! Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary or you’re just feeling good about yourself, VIP is sometimes worth all the perks. Be it champagne on arrival, skipping lines or being right up close and personal to your idols, these little luxuries can make an event. I mean, if you don’t spend the money on a once-in-a-lifetime experience, you’ll spend it drowning your sorrows at your local bar anyways. We suggest reaching for the stars. The very important stars that is! Here are our excuses for splashing out, even if it just the once.

Bragging Rights

The aftermath of most festivals is usually defined by a pounding headache and feeling sorry for yourself. If you’ve had the 5-star treatment, you’ll reach the end, beaten but not broken. You’ll be too busy deciding which exclusive pictures to upload to Instagram, to worry about feeling dishevelled. This will also arm you with months of bragging material for all those who weren’t in attendance.


Breaking The Mould

If you’re reading this, you might frequent gigs and festivals in high volume. As fantastic as all these experiences are, they all more than likely blend into a one. If you’ve got some extra cash floating around, why not mix things up and take it to a higher level, go luxury. Irrespective if its a grand experience, I’m sure you and your clique can laugh and reminisce on that time you ‘went VIP’.


No Lines

It’s fact. Humans hate waiting. None more so than when they’d rather be boogieing to their favourite tunes. At a festival, the toils of waiting in a queue for a drink or the toilet can be painstaking. With a VIP ticket, all these issues fade away. Imagine waltzing to the bar and ordering a drink in 3 seconds flat or barely missing a moment of Drake’s set for a toilet break. Sometimes, it’s the little things, the answer…a VIP lanyard.



If you’ve bought a ticket titled ‘very important person’ you’re going to want to feel like one! For us, this is the biggest drawcard of going all in on VIP, the pampering. Imagine, taking an hour out between sets to lounge in a spa and sauna, before returning to the musical oasis. Maybe you’ve got a kink in your neck that needs sorting out, no trouble, there’s a masseuse for that. It’s these add-ons that may sound comical but if they were available, you’d be onto them in a flash!



We know it’s fun raging in a sea of people you’ve never met before but have you ever tried raging with your closest crew in your very own private space? A space that comes with supplied drinks, couches to rest your weary legs on and proximity to the artists you could only dream of. This my good friends is what’s on offer in a VIP area. I’m sure most of you would usually snigger at those people we’re talking about but don’t knock it til you’ve tried it, you may discover you enjoy a bit of the high life.

Next time you’re booking a gig, maybe just maybe, float the idea about going VIP. As they say “Treat yo self”.


– Victoria on 26 de agosto de 2019