Email Scam Alert: Don't Get Duped

E-mail scammers are impersonating TicketSwap and the Dutch police

The Dutch police have alerted the public that a new email scam is making the rounds.

The email address being used in this scam is

Criminals began sending pushing emails to TicketSwap users several months ago claiming that their payment for event tickets had not worked and to follow a payment link to submit a new payment. TicketSwap immediately reported this activity to the police.

Now a new round of fraud is happening, the suspected same group of criminals are imitating the Dutch police and emailing the same group of users, claiming that the 'original criminals had been caught and the police had control of the email account - asking the user to send a copy of their ID and a screenshot of their bank statement in order to retrieve their lost funds from the first fraud. 

All scam email addresses we have encountered include:


Sometimes it can look as though an email was sent from, but this is never the case!

1. TicketSwap will never send a payment link or hyperlink in an email.

2. TicketSwap will never send you an email from a gmail domain.

If you have received any messages from TicketSwap or the police using a non organization domain, know this is not authentic! Do not follow any instructions, do not click on any of the links in these messages and delete them immediately and block the sender.

– Anthony el 11 de septiembre de 2019